Hussain’s journey from Bhera to Islamabad

Mohammad Sajid Hussain is a successful lawyer who practises at the Islamabad High Court. He attributes a large part of his success to his education at the Bhera DMG institution, where he spent nine years.

Hussain was 16 when he moved to Bhera and undertook a course that combines regular subjects with study of the Arabic language and Islam. “There were no financial constraints for me to come to Bhera. It was solely the institution’s reputation that led me to move and study here,” he says.

Study at the institution is free, but his parents made donations to the school to aid in its mission to provide free accommodation and education to all, he says.

The biggest benefit of his schooling was getting to know students from a range of ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. “The institution allows students the space to develop an understanding of people, and provides an environment to learn and grow. There are many students at Bhera DMG that come from poor households, and they helped me build a deep and layered understanding of the world. I still have friends from Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and places people don’t get to learn about if being educated in a regular school in Punjab,” he says.

Hussain obtained a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic in 1998, studying, among other subjects, Arabic literature, poetry and religious studies. He went on to graduate from the International Islamic University in Islamabad with an LLB in Shariah law, another enriching experience. “At Bhera I interacted with students from all over Pakistan … the exposure here [at IIU in Islamabad] to classmates from all over the world. I ended up having friends from China, Indonesia, Sudan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, South Africa etc.”

After graduating, Hussain worked for a charity for underprivileged students at the IIU, and pursued a part-time master’s degree in education planning and management. He now works full time at the Islamabad High Court, representing the government in several cases related to culture and education.